Training and Events

Microsoft Excel™ Training

We deliver two off-the-shelf training courses…

Working with Data:

  • Introduction to Data
  • Data Bias
  • Data Sources
  • Importing data into Excel™
  • Importing JSON data into Excel™
  • Importing Fixed Width Data
  • Importing and cleansing data using PowerQuery™
  • Data Quality
  • Data Cleansing
  • Excel™ functions for data cleansing
  • Data Wrangling
  • Excel™ functions for data wrangling
  • Pivot tables
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Project

Data for Business:

  • Clean and manage data in Excel™
  • Use Sharepoint™ as a database
  • Use PowerBI™ basics
  • Connect and streamline your data collection and management processes
  • Automate these processes with PowerAutomate™

£250 per day for up to 8 people – remote training on Teams™. Please contact us if you prefer training on site. Please let us know if you would prefer a bespoke course…

Microsoft PowerAutomate™ Training

Have you ever thought about automating daily tasks whic use Microsoft applications and more? YOu might want to use PowerAutomate… Our training will help you think about tasks you might want to automate (and show you how to do that). You may not knwo that Power Automate is included in 365 subscriptions (at most tiers).

Amateur Radio Examination Training

Are you interested in taking the UK RSGB Amateur Radio Exams? There will soon be four exams – the existing Foundation, Intermediate and Full plus a new exam: Direct to Full. We can help you study and prepare for your exam by preparing a bespoke study plan and regular one-on-one teaching sessions customised to help you with the gaps in your knowledge.

Public Speaking Coaching

We love public speaking – and are excited to help you love it too! Whether it is delivering an important presentation at work, nailing that piece of masonic ritual or writing and delivering the Father of the Bride speech at your daughter’s wedding.

Remote Exam Invigilation

We have experience of remotely invigilating examinations using TestReach™ and WebEx™ and can provide this as a service for your examinations.

Event Management Services

Managing events is complicate but made much easier with good planning. We have expertise in planning all kind of events from small weddings to large trade fairs. Please get in touch to let us know about your event and discuss how we can help.

Green Thinking Training

There is no Planet B, of course. We all need to do a better job of looking after Earth. After a discussion to understand how your busness works, we will put together a training course for your team to get them thinking along green lines.

Mentoring Managers and Directors

Are you setting the right example to your staff? Could you use an independent review of your business strategy? Contact us to discuss how we can use the benefit of two career’s worth of experience to help you.

Airbnb Hosting Workshops

The Directors have three AirBnB™ properties which were set up from scratch which have been very successful. We run training courses to help new (or prospective) users of the platform to learn some tips, tricks and pitfalls. Please contact us to find out when the next workshop will be and to get booked in to get great advice from the bleeding edge!.

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