Design and Development

Full Stack Product Development

Within the team we have experience of developing applications from original conception through requirements definition, code development, verification and validation and training – the whole software development lifecycle. We have developed SaaS solutions using the LAMP stack, games and utilities for Apple™ iPhone™ using both Swift™ and Objective C in Xcode™ and even a dynamic screensaver for British Airways™ featuring an analogue clock.

IoT Development

We love the Raspberry Pi™ and use this platform whenever possible for IoT projects. We have previously built solutions for capturing telemetry from gritter fleets, for local control of complex CCTV systems, a robotic rover and a solution for home automation. We are currently building a system to help remote accommodation owners identify when guests have checked-in and -out.

Mobile App Development

We have built a dozen applications for iPhone™ and a few proofs of concept for Android™. Our mobile projects to date include games, utilities and productivity solutions. You will be surprised how quickly you could have your own application built – let’s discuss it.

GIS Solution Development

The exciting field of GIS provides many opportunities for elegant utilities to add real value. We have bleeding edge experience of building both simple and complex GIS applications and are excited about discussing your needs with you.

PowerAutomate™ Solution Development

PowerAutomate™ comes free with many tiers of Microsoft 365™. It is a powerful tool which allows complex automation of tasks, avoiding the tedium (and errors caused by) manual, repetitive IT operations. Why not reach out to us and discuss how we can help you leverage the power of PowerAutomate™ for your business?

Excel™ Solution Development

Sometimes, you don’t need a complete application, you just need a beautifully-designed Excel™ spreadsheet which uses elegant forms and dashboards to collect, process and display your important information. Let’s talk about how we can help you…

Azure™ Synapse™ Development

We can use Synapse™ to help you extract data from multiple sources including APIs, SQL Server™, SFTP etc – so you can develop your PowerBI™ or Tableau™ solution by adding better performance using a one-stop-shop of tables and views to collate and orchestrate your data reporting solution.


Are you struggling to maintain that Access database you have inherited? Wishing you had a shiny new cloud database which is automatically backed-up and secure instead of a spreadsheet? We can help get that mission-critical data securely migrated and help you set up the systems you need to use it properly.

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