We can supply, install, commission and train you on new computer systems from desktops, laptops, printers, screens through to CCTV systems, Point of Sale (PoS) systems, telephones. We have years of experience with network hardware installation, configuration and maintenance. Unlike other suppliers, we always try to find ways to re-use any existing equipment you already have rather than encouraging you to buy new. We install and commission the best Wi-Fi access points at a very competitive price to ensure you have coverage throughout the areas you need. We can provide fast Ethernet points exactly where you need them for much less cost than you expect.

Office 365™

If you find yourself copying-and-pasting data from emails into spreadsheets, spending much of your time moving information from one app to another, doing boring, mundane tasks when you would rather be growing your business or selling your services, then we can help you automate many of your admin and data tasks.

Requirements Analysis

If you have a need to procure a new IT system, you need to properly capture what you actually need (as opposed to what you think you need). The best way to do this is to hold a workshop with all relevant stakeholders to make sure that all the requirements are identified and captured. Reporting and data requirements are always important but not always properly understood and captured. Crucially, you need to capture both the obvious functional requirements – but also the non-functional ones which are often overlooked until late in the project, incurring unneccessary cost and delay. We can help by facilitating such a workshop, leveraging our years of experience in this field.

Solutions Design

Once you have captured the requirements, you need to design the interfacing and system architecture – the high-level design. This is a tricky process but we can help by facilitating a workshop to make sure that all stakeholders are heard.

IT Project Management Services

Ensuring your shiny new project is delivered on time and to budget and we can help with management services to help you make the right decisions at every stage of the project lifecycle.


We can design data capture, processing and visualisation solutions which will allow you to manage performance, understand your Customers and prompt improvements and evolution where appropriate.

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